Prof Guangyi Wang is awarded the National Model Teacher


Congratulations on Prof. Guangyi Wang, who is awarded the National Model Teacher in September 2019.

Prof. Wang has been working in HDU for over 16 years. He emphasizes the combination of frontier research and fundamental education throughout his teaching process. While busily hosting 4 national research projects and 6 provincial research projects, Prof. Wang has advised more than 100 undergraduates, 78 masters and 8 PhDs. Many of them made impressive achievements of high quality publications, intellectual property innovations and national academic competitions. He and his research group encourage and help undergraduates to run the HDU-Microchip innovation club. This unique and important practice greatly improves the innovative thinking and problem solving skills of students.

Prof. Wang is an education pioneer who established the first national experimental teaching demonstration center, the first simulation experimental teaching center and the first national experimental teaching group for HDU. He also won the national teaching award twice, which is one of the highest awards in Chinese education field.