Prof Peng Liang published paper on Nature Photonics


Our faculty Prof. Liang PENG published a journal with the title of Transverse photon spin of bulk electromagnetic waves in bianisotropic media on Nature Photonics (IF: 31.583) as the 1st author. Coauthors also include Prof. Gaofeng WANG and graduate student Linfu DUAN who are from our school.  (link: )


This work proposes and realizes transverse photon spin (T-spin) in a bulk medium, without relying on the presence of any interfaces. It shows the mapping of the T-spin of surface modes to that of the bulk modes by introducing bianisotropy into the medium. The researchers further discover that the interface between two bianisotropic media of opposite orientations supports edge-dependent propagating modes with tunable cutoff frequencies. Their results provide a new platform for manipulating the spin–orbit interaction of electromagnetic waves.